Palm may have more Touchstone where that came from

Call the president! A Palm marketing manager let slip that Touchstone is a full family of near-field induction products and that the little Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre – basically that magnetic charger thing that you stick the Pre to in order to grab some juice – is just one of many products.

PreThinking posits that the Touchstone line could allow for inductive charging, data transfer, reasoning, and, in the future, pregnancy. They write:

Here’re a few accessories/things I can think of right now:

1) You know those stereo speakers where you plug the iPod/iPhone in and leave it there? For the Pre, you just leave it on top of these made for pre stereo speakers.

2) Touchstone USB dock, where you have this Touchstone charging dock lookalike. And basically have it plugged into your computer’s usb hub which acts as the connection between the Pre and your PC.

3) Have your Pre touch back to back with another pre, where it will transfer contact info and other data.

4) Walk into a Sprint store and place your Pre on this table, where it will give the Sprint reps some useful info to help better serve you.