Sebastião Salgado Leica M7 up on eBay

sebastiaosalgadoSebastião Salgado ( & Wikipedia) has photographed some of the world’s most impoverished citizens. His photographs, while visually stunning, are often eye-opening for another reason. Perhaps by using cameras presented to him by Leica will improve your budding photography skills. Too bad the set is more expensive than a Tesla Roadster.

The set includes a Leica M7 and three lens. Now, even though the carries a price tag of $130,680 and was never actually used in the field by Salgado, the proceeds will be used to plant 100,000 trees. So we’re thinking that this purchase might qualify for a tax write-off or even a carbon offset. Plus, you get that warm fuzzy feeling of both helping Mother Earth and buyers remorse.

eBay via Leica Rumors