NW-X1000: Sony finally announces OLED Walkman with touchscreen (video)


Sony Japan today announced the NW-X1000 series [JP], consisting of two Walkman, the NW-X1050 with 16GB internal memory and the 32GB NW-X1060. The so-called X-Series was introduced to the general public for the first time back in January (during the CES 2009).

Both models will be available in Japan from April 25 (in black and red). Sony hasn’t said yet when American and Europeans will be able to lay their hands on the devices. In Japan, the 16GB model will cost $400, while the 32GB version will be priced at $500.


The Walkman comes with a cool 3-inch OLED touchscreen (240×432 resolution), WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g), YouTube support, noise cancellation function and a One-Seg digital TV tuner (that only makes sense in Japan and Brazil). You can play your audio files as MP3/HE-AAC/AAC/WMA/linear PCM/ATRAC/ATRAC Advanced Lossless and video in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-4/WMV formats.


Sized at 97.4×52.5×10.5mm, it’s considerably smaller than an iPod Touch (see the picture above).

Watch it in action in the video below.


Via Impress [JP]