Obama loosens Cuba restrictions for tech companies


Looks like President Obama wants to see some change in our Cuba policy, and not merely change affecting only Cuban-Americans and their relationship with the country. American telecommunication companies will now be allowed to, among other things, establish satellite links between the two countries and—Opie and Anthony may soon be heard in Havana!

It’s true. In an effort to modernize, if not normalize, relations between the two countries, the Obama Administration will now allows companies to set up fiber optic connections—could widespread Cuban broadband be far behind? Additionally, TV and satellite radio companies would be allowed to operate in the country. CNN Santiago de Cuba edition, Sirius XM en Cuba, etc. Roaming agreements between American and Cuban cellphone companies would also be permitted.

Of course, now it’s up to the Cuban government to allow the American companies to set up shop. It’s just that now there won’t be American law standing in these companies’ way.

Combine all that with the ability to donate consumer telecom equipment—presumably including cellphones, TVs, PSPs, etc.—and you’re looking at quite a change in policy. It’s about time, too.

Photo: Flickr

via Los Angeles Times