Specle wins first round funding

It’s perhaps of passing curiosity to pure Internet startups, but it’s interesting to note that Belgium-based startup Specle has secured first round funding of £150,000 in an investment lead by Avonmore Developments, which has previously invested in UK Internet startup GroupSpaces. Avonmore is joined by entrepreneur brothers Simon and Dale Murray, with the former joining Specle’s board. Steve Daykin, CFO of 7 Publishing, publishers of Delicious and Sainsbury’s Magazine, also joins the board.

Specle’s “Specle Create” software is aimed at cost savings in the production of advertising for magazines and newspapers. Specifically it works with the Adobe InDesign program to help operators prepare ad layouts to the exact page size and requirements of publications. It uses using Adobe XMP metadata to saves time in production by eliminating the need to gather publication specifications from publishers. It’s already had some success in Belgium with agencies and publishers so the investment with a UK-backer implies it’s launch in other regions. Tom Beckenham is managing director of Specle.

The take-away from this is that if you can create something that saves businesses money, you can likely win investment.