Another Zune render pops up with fanboy-ish specs

There has been a quite mumbling on the ol’ Intertubes that Microsoft has another Zune in development. We kind of already knew that from an Microsoft suit interview. The latest ‘leaked’ pics sport the same design that was in the first photoset however, are clearly renderings. The source claims these pics are real, along with a long list of specs and capabilities. Some which seem kind of unlikely, but if implemented will serve as a benchmark for even Apple in portable media devices of this size.

  • 16:9 OLED touchscreen
  • HDMI TV out
  • HD media playback
  • Support 3d Xbox games (whatever that means)

The screen is large, physical buttons missing, the menu familiar, but what the hell is on the back? A camera? Screw holes? (likely) Some super-duper Microsoft secret? We might find out this fall when WMPowerUser claims these players will launch in 16 GB and 32 GB, but if these early pics turn out to hold some truth to the upcoming release, we’re digging it.