LG Viewty II gets a new name and temporary official acknowledgment


For just a few hours early this morning, a post heralding the LG Viewty II could be seen at LG’s official German blog. Apparently it went up too early, because it was pulled down within hours – because that somehow fixes things.

Except that this is the internet, and people are just too dang good at keeping an eye out for this stuff. PhoneArena caught the goods this time.

Here’s what trickled out into the land of officialness:

  • New name! It’s not the Viewty II, it’s the Viewty Smart. Not sure how smart it is to try and battle it out for Google Juice for the term “smart phone”, but hey – good luck.
  • 12.4 mm thick, weighs just 90 grams
  • S-Class Interface
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • GPS, WiFi, HSDPA