Roxy and JBL team up on portable music products

Surfer girls take notice: the Roxy-branded headphones that are coming out shortly are made by JBL and should sound great. Generally, when a fashion brand launches random electronics, they are of the low quality, but Roxy seems to have bucked that trend thankfully. No word on pricing or what exactly the line will include just yet.

Style Leader Roxy and Sound Innovator JBL Form Strategic Partnership to Co-Create Portable Music Products

JBL and Roxy will produce products that resonate with the youth market through authenticity in style and sound

Northridge, CA (Apr. 15, 2009) – JBL, Inc. and Roxy, a brand of Quiksilver, Inc. announced today a strategic agreement in which both companies will work to create a new market category of branded headphones and portable audio products for fashion-conscious consumers.

The new series of multimedia products will combine Roxy’s leading fashion sense for adventuresome young women, with JBL’s award-winning, pro-sound technology. The first products will include a line of co-branded headphones in fashion colors slated for launch in the second quarter of 2009.

The special edition line will represent the first time a key fashion has partnered with a premium audio brand to create portable multimedia products that look as great as they sound. Consistent with each brands’ reputation for pro-level performance, the Roxy / JBL suite of products will be marketed with an emphasis on combining a premium, personal music experience with high intensity sports action.

The JBL/Roxy partnership will deliver substance in sound and style, with a headphone line that will turn heads and embody the reputation of a sound pioneer. The products are lightweight, compact and easy to carry – a perfect match for Roxy’s casual and on-the-move brand characteristics. The products will feature a unique blend of modern style, superior sound technology and affordable price points allowing girls to express themselves stylistically while enjoying the best sound technology.

“From concert halls to our homes, JBL’s award-winning sound technology has truly impacted the way we have experienced music for over 50 years,” said Kenna Florie, Roxy’s Vice President of Marketing. “We’re creating a market for branded multimedia accessories, and from the beginning we needed to have the best audio equipment underlying our designs. We wanted to bring that legendary JBL sound technology to our designs and felt that by partnering with them we could bring that vision to light.”

“With this partnership, JBL is expanding the demographic reach of the brand by delivering superior lifestyle products to a new audience of young women whose lives are a confluence of fashion, music and adventure,” said Susan Paley, director of business development for JBL. “Designed by women, for women, the first run of the JBL/Roxy co-branded products are just the beginning. Both companies are committed to providing young women products that inspire them, enabling them to express themselves through the personal and shared experience of music.”