iPhone App Giveaway Spree: Hundreds of Promo codes. Here. Now.

This contest is now over. We’ve now sent codes to the winners of rounds 16 through 41, and will continue sending them throughout the day. If you were contacted during the contest and were told that you won, please feel free to e-mail us if you do not receive your code by Sunday night.

Round 42 -The Finale:

I think it’s safe to say that Round 42, the Scavenger Battle for Mt. Jaadu, is now over.

Who won? I’m not 100% sure yet, to be honest – most of the entries were taken on iPhones, and are thus blurry messes that need a bit of deciphering before we can determine who won. But we got a whole bunch – so the chances are slim that anyone who hasn’t submitted yet will win. Feel free to send the shots over, regardless. We’ll be in touch with the winners (along with all the other contest winners) as soon as possible. We’ll try to get through everything by tomorrow morning.

Dozens of applications, hundreds of promo codes, and thousand upon thousands of entries later – that’s all, folks… or is it?

If you’ve been paying attention throughout the day, you may have noticed the number of promo codes we had for each app we had tonight was.. a bit strange. Instead of 5 promo codes, we had 4. Instead of 10 codes, we had 9. At least, that’s what we said.

We’ve been hanging on to one of every code for every application we gave away tonight. Not only that, but there are probably a dozen or so applications that we simply didn’t get to give away due to lack of time.

Sometime this weekend (it won’t be tonight, or tomorrow morning. I need sleep), we’ll be announcing the details for the grand daddy of iPhone App giveaways. The winner will get one of every single application we’ve given away thus far, plus more. Hundreds of dollars of applications.

Stay tuned, folks – and I hope you enjoyed today’s festivities!

A Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to today. Many developers contributed handfuls of their applications; here are the ones we had the opportunity give away during the 12 1/2 hours this contest ran. This list will be revised throughout the night for accuracy and to include all the applications we didn’t reach in the giveaway queue. Huge thanks to everyone, again:

Unlike: Global Guide ($19.99, iTunes Link)
LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99, iTunes link)
Tap Tap Coldplay ($4.99, iTunes Link)
Cooking Star (Price TBD, Not available in iTunes App Store yet)
iQuarterback ($0.99, iTunes Link)
Chinese Poker ($4.99, iTunes Link)
Wide E-mail ($0.99, iTunes Link
2XL Supercross ($7.99), iTunes Link
Bundle of GLU games. Bonsai Blast (iTunes Link), Build-a-Lot (iTunes Link), Glyder (iTunes Link), and Space Monkey (iTunes Link)
Dollar Origami ($0.99, iTunes Link)
3D Me ($1.99, iTunes Link)
VanillaSurf ($0.99, iTunes Link)
RunKeeper ($9.99, iTunes Link)
Cell Minute Tracker ($0.99, iTunes Link)
iGo ($2.99, iTunes Link) and Fetch! ($0.99, iTunes Link) by Soup Dog Software
FTP On the Go ($6.99, iTunes Link)
iCatchAll, 24+ App in One ($0.99, iTunes Link)
Adam’s Game ($1.99, iTunes Link)
Air Guitar ($1.99, iTunes Link)
Virtual Mouth Videos ($1.99, iTunes Link)
5 Comics from NexStudios.jp: The Tumor ($0.99, iTunes Link), Super Searnold ($0.99, iTunes Link), Rambo ($0.99, iTunes Link), Moon Light Cutter V1 ($0.99, iTunes Link), Allow to Infuse ($0.99, iTunes Link)
ColorTrick ($0.99), iTunes Link
PhotoList ($1.99), iTunes Link
KERN ($0.99), iTunes Link
Maplewoods Bundle: Twist Multiplayer Edition ($1.99, iTunes Link), Connect ($0.99, iTunes Link), MotionAlarm ($1.99, iTunes Link), Human Weather ($0.99, iTunes Link), iRecorder ($1.99, iTunes Link, Blow ($0.99, iTunes Link)
Shotgun Pro ($0.99, iTunes Link)
Save Benjis ($0.99, iTunes Link)
DialByPhoto ($1.99, iTunes Link)
LifeMinder ($1.99, iTunes Link)
JogDial ($1.99, iTunes Link)
Wrangle ($2.99 iTunes Link)
Air Mouse ($5.99, iTunes Link)
Random Facts ($0.99, iTunes Link)
App Name: Color Match ($2.99, iTunes Link)
DateUtil ($0.99,iTunes Link)
MobileCaddy ($3.99, iTunes Links)
mobileGuns ($0.99, iTunes Link)
TastyMarks ($1.99, iTunes Link)
57 AudioMicro 500+ Pro Sound Effects with Sneak Attack ($0.99, iTunes Link)
Jaadu ($24.99, iTunes Link)