Ranger GPS unit for your Nintendo DS

Ranger China just announced their new product, the Ranger GPS for the Nintendo DS. An impressive product, but poorly timed given the fact that the GBA cartridge slot has gone away. Of course, maybe they are planning on selling to all those millions of people out there who still have the older DS Lite.

To be fair, the GPS is pretty impressive. It has the latest generation GPS chipset, uses the Google Maps software, and will work with a multitude of devices, not just the DS. Essentially it’s a full featured GPS (like your standard dash style) that will work with a DS, laptop, PDA or any other Windows CE or Linux device.

The bad news is, it’s a very VERY new product, and as such the availability is somewhat limited at this time. The company website currently doesn’t list any vendors, and there is no pricing information. In spite of this, we’ll keep our eye on this product, and we advise you to do the same.