Thumb-sized video camera debuts in Hong Kong

Here’s something I think we could all use from time to time — especially those of us trying to make a real-life Mirror’s Edge video. This tiny camcorder (they claim it’s the world’s smallest, but I disagree) just debuted in Hong Kong at the Electronics Fair going on there, and it’s called the Mini DV. I can’t think of a more misleading name for a camera that doesn’t shoot to Mini DV tapes, but we’ll probably never see it on these fair shores anyway, so what does it matter? They could call it the Playstation 3.

It shoots 640×480 JPEGs at 30 frames a second, then assembles them into a motion JPEG AVI and stores it on a MicroSD card. There isn’t a monitor on it, obviously, but it can output in real-time to a PC. Not exactly high definition, but then again, you can’t clip a RED to your backback strap.