Blu-ray sales double from last year during Q1


Slip this one in the Captian Obvious file folder. It really shouldn’t come as a surpise that Blu-ray is selling more titles this year than previous; 9 million discs vs 4.5 million during the first quarter. The landscape has changed dramatically within the last year. Naturally, more consumers bought HDTVs and needed more HD content to show on it. The price of Blu-ray players have dropped dramatically, especially over the 2008 Christmas season when they could have been picked up for less than $150. And the amount of titles have increased exponentially. But lets not for get the single, biggest reason.

HD DVD is dead. Blu-ray doesn’t have a competing format anymore. Consumers have jumped off the fence and are now enjoying high-def via Blu-ray. HD DVD died shortly after CES 2008 as movie studios and hardware manufactures jumped ship in droves and swam over to the Blu-ray camp, leaving Toshiba to fight on alone. The format quickly became just a memory as Blu-ray marched on victoriously. 

The real winner was the consumer though. Two competing formats doesn’t help anyone. It really didn’t matter what format walked away from the fight, just as long as one did. The numbers are coming in that show people want their movies in HD. The next battle for Blu-ray will be digital downloads though, which might involve a multi-front war and will probably be a bit tougher than HD DVD.