Who says DRM is difficult to understand?

The BBC has released this helpful infographic to let everyone out there know that DRM isn’t just simple — it’s fun! Of course, you’d have to be a goddamn PhD of doublespeak to make any sense of it, but who isn’t these days?

Honestly, if it’s this complicated, you’re doing it wrong. And the fun part is, none of this will affect real pirates. If I want to download a copy of an HD BBC show, it’s the work of five minutes. But customers in the UK will have to keep a printout of what they’re allowed to do with content they paid for.

It will now be possible to make a single HD Blu-ray copy of one of our programmes, although not copies of copies. An HD connection to a protected home network will also be possible, although an HD connection to the Internet or portable devices will not work. The diagram below I think sums up the various paths you might want your HD content to take – and the extent to which that will be possible. I should add that the partial unlocking of some paths should also enable the high quality standard definition RGB outputs from some set top boxes.

Here you go, BBC. I made a corrected version.


[via Pocket-Lint]