App Store still not at a billion downloads, should be soon though

Just in case you have lived under a rock for the last year, the Apple’s App Store is kind of a big thing. So big, that there have been just under 1 billion apps downloaded from the store. Apple announced a couple of weeks ago this milestone was about to be passed and announced a contest – as did we – that involved giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, along with a ton of Apple hardware.

Anyway, the ticker is still going, but the 1 billion mark is getting a tad closer. CNET notes that mobileSQUARED did a bit of math and says that the 1 billion mark will hit in the afternoon of April 23, UK time. But who knows, there might be an influx of purchases sometime soon and push it up a bit.

Both Apple’s contest and ours is still running. Either purchase an app via the App Store or enter here for the Apple contest, and simply leave a guess here for ours. What do you have to lose. Do both. It’s not like you’re suppose to be working.