Cute netbook sleeves from be.ez for your cute netbook

Oh, those poor little netbooks. All budget materials and questionable build quality. And they don’t fit into normal laptop sleeves — they jangle around in there like crazy and probably get crumbs all in ’em. So what you want is a little extra sleeve like these from be.ez, which are made specifically with netbooks in mind, which is to say they’re small.


They’re available in 10.2″ or 8.9″ sizes, which should fit a Wind, EeePC, NC10, Aspire one, HP 2133 or probably anything else that’s a sufficiently similar form factor. They only cost $20 and they come in both shocking neon and sober blackish-brown, so there’s something for both the fairy and the hobbit in your life. Plus, whenever you see the case, you can say “Sup, beezy?”