Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 now available


Here it is, folks, at long last. Its been over a month and a half since details of Facebook v1.5 for BlackBerry spilled all over the place, but it’s now available for anyone and everyone with a compatible ‘Berry.

Beyond the standard bug fixes and performance tweaks, the biggest updates are all focused around integration: Facebook messages can now be routed through your standard messaging inbox, Facebook events and birthdays can be auto-added to your calendar, and contacts (complete with pictures) can now be pulled from Facebook into your BlackBerry contact list. They’ve also made a few minor changes (such as the ability to comment on status updates) for the sake of keeping up with the browser version.

Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 will hit Blappworld tomorrow, but can be nabbed right this second from mobile.blackberry.com (on a BlackBerry) or www.blackberry.com/go/facebook (on a desktop).