AT&T trains its staff to be Pre assassins

It seems that AT&T is getting ready to poison the Pre well by providing its staff with a damning comparison between the upstart Pre and that phone of phones, the iPhone. When was the last time you saw such a preemptive strike against a phone? I don’t think even the G1 got this kind of consideration. Let’s see what AT&T has to say about Sprint’s comeback kid.

Like the guys at Pre Central, I’m not going to take the time to debunk every claim on the list. Some are certainly legit (the iPhone certainly has a bigger screen and is indisputably constructed from metal), but some are questionable (calling out webOS as unintuitive before it’s even out — Classy) and some are ridiculous (drag and drop music is a bad thing now?).

On the whole, though, I will say it’s a kind of a low and misguided blow. AT&T might end up highlighting the useless or expensive parts of the iPhone (“Oh so I can use it in Spain? How much does that cost?” or “Doesn’t the glass screen make it more likely to crack?”) at the same time as they give the Pre a lot of cred just by protesting too much against it.

[via Electronista]