CTIA joins GSMA in support of a "Universal Charging Solution" for mobile phones

micro-usb-universal-chargerEarlier today, CTIA-The Wireless Association announced its support for the “Universal Charging Solution” (UCS) for mobile phones (developed by the Open Mobile Terminal Platform industry standards group) “to celebrate Earth Day.”

CTIA joins the GSMA, which announced its endorsement of the Micro-USB-based universal mobile charger solution back in February.

According to the press release:

[T]he UCS aims to reduce energy consumption and enhance the customer experience through the adoption of a single “one-charger-fits-all” solution for new wireless devices by January 1, 2012. The UCS will use the Micro-USB format as the common universal charging interface, and use energy efficient chargers in compliance with U.S. “Energy Star” requirements for external power adapters that will provide an estimated 50% reduction in standby energy consumption.

“Earth Day serves as a great reminder that the wireless industry and all of us have a role to play when it comes to taking care of our planet. We recognize the need and the responsibility we have to help create a low-carbon economy, and the initiative to adopt a ‘Universal Charging Solution’ is an important step in the right direction,” said Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

It’s too bad they didn’t go with with Mini-USB over Micro-USB, seeing as lots of people have dozens of the former cable laying around. However, in the end, it’s still rather refreshing to see initiatives like this gain momentum…manufacturers and industry giants working together to solve problems instead of trying to go it alone (read: Sony Betamax / ATRAC, Apple’s proprietary dock-connector, etc), especially as the world continues to shrink.

Even the auto industry has apparently learned to cooperate. What say you, other gadget makers? How about a universal charger for all things electronic?!