Spotted IRL: Those crazy crystal mice


So we were wandering around Rome this weekend – I yelled at one of those crazy guys who wear Roman armor around the Colosseum and ask you for money to take your picture with them – and spotted this mouse in the wild. That’s right: that crazy crystal-studded mouse we all made fun of a few months ago (I don’t even think we wrote it up it was so stupid) is available in real life. For 58 freaking Euro which is like $5,000.

In all my years as a tech journalist I’ve written about junk that no one would ever sell or buy. I’ve assumed that all of this stuff is manufactured and immediately ripped up for parts by Chinese babies in some horrible wasteland outside of Taipei. No. They end up in Italy in a store called Tech-it-easy, a clever play on words that I’m sure tickles your funny bone as much as it does mine.

Now look at this thing. My mouse is covered in filth and grime. This thing will probably be covered in filth and grime as well as – if my assumptions about who would buy this are correct – a layer of concealer so thick that it will turn vaguely tan in a few months. A pox in this mouse.