Yowza: Not Baby Matt Parkman has an iPhone app


Why wasn’t I notified about this? Right around tax time, CG’s favorite TV host Cali Lewis interviewed Greg Grunberg, the brain hurting guy from Heroes. Although last Monday’s Gollum/Sylar episode was kind of a lump, I always enjoy Greg’s brain things and the Hiro/Ando/Matt Parkman baby thing was fun. Best off all, Grunberg is a full-bore geek with his own Twitter account and iPhone app he’s trying to sell.

Yowza is basically an app that lets you find coupons to stores and restaurants while you’re out and about. It uses the iPhone’s GPS system to tell where you are and then pops the coupons up for vendors to accept. You can download it here. Like Demi Moore’s husband before him, Grunberg is a co-founder of the service and is currently populating the system with coupons from various vendors. I doubt, however, that he is canvassing Los Angeles neighborhoods for advertisers, so don’t go looking for him. Anyway, he’ll just stare at you, the camera will tilt-shift a little, he’ll say “All Clear!,” and then he’ll just disappear, so it won’t help anyway.