@GeeknRolla – Launching your Startup in The Cloud by Joe Drumgoole

Joe Drumgoole, CTO and co-founder of PutPlace, (@jdrumgoole) has now uploading the slides from his ‘speed speech’ at Geek ‘n Rolla, title “Launching your Startup on a cloud computing infrastructure”. The main take-away? Watch the per transaction costs in cloud computing.

Benjamin Ellis wrote on Business Tech Feed:

This Tuesday’s TechCrunch Geek n Rolla event included a presentation by Joe Drumgoole, “get of of my cloud.” It probably steered between too technical for non-tech folks and not technical enough for the techies. Launching a start up on a cloud infrastructure makes good economic sense – it’s a success-based cost model. The same holds true for start up projects inside of larger businesses…. However, Joe advised some caution, per transaction costs can kill you (this is ironic given that the concept of “Free” – so popular with the Web 2.0 world – is based on infinitely low transaction costs)… In summary cloud computing is a great adjunct, but don’t get rid of your main servers just yet. Be ready to deploy to any other grid at speed, so that you have a recovery plan. Also, watch those transaction costs.