Animalia Disco Mouse: Thanko presents the weirdest PC mouse ever


I don’t know what kind of drugs the people at Thanko take, but they must be very hardcore. There is no other explanation for the product they are selling now, is there? It’s a transparent PC mouse that houses a plastic tarantula [JP]. Either that or a mini scorpion.

And since everyone knows how much these animals love to disco, Thanko has thrown some flashy LED lights into the device. This means the USB mouse takes turns glowing in red and blue. It’s unbelievable, but Thanko boasts that this completely mad idea was featured on Yahoo Japan’s top page over the weekend (Yahoo is by far Japan’s most popular website). And now it’s getting the well-deserved CrunchGear treatment.


The mouse costs $15 each for the Tarantula version and the one with the scorpion it. It’s already available in Japan, but gaijin will need to wait until Thanko lists the mouse in the official English Thanko store.