Contest: We're Giving Away 2 tickets To The Big Cowboys/Giants Game In September

We tend to give away a whole lot of stuff on the TechCrunch network. Phones, DVDs, laptops, TVs – you name it, we’ve probably given it away at some point. That said, I think this is the first time we’ve given away sports tickets.

FuzzyCube Software, the folks behind the iPhone game iQuarterback, just dropped us a pair of tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game coming up in September. This game is going to be one to remember; not only is it a face-off between rivals, but its also the first game the Cowboys will be playing in their brand new stadium. Even with a few months to go before the big day, these tickets are already going for 200 bucks a pop. Want them? Here are the details:

What you’ll win:

  • A copy of iQuarterback for the iPhone
  • Two tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game at the brand new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on September 20th.

How to win:

  • Answer the three trivia questions that follow, and send them to It must be this email address, or it wont be counted. The questions:
    1. In what year will the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium host the Super Bowl?
    2. Who is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and where did he go to college?
    3. How many times have the New York Giants won the Super Bowl?

We’ll select a winner at random from those who submit the correct answers to the email address above by Thursday, April 30th at 11:59 PM Pacific. The winner will be announced on Friday, May 1st. Good luck!