Failing To Live Blog The MySpace Employee-Only All Hands Meeting

Our own MG Siegler is attempting to shoot live video of the ongoing MySpace all hands meeting where the new executive team, including new CEO Owen Van Natta, is addressing the troops.

The result? Total failure. We had to try since the meeting is being held outside. MySpace’s Los Angeles headquarters has no place for a thousand or so people to congregate, so they are holding the meeting outside in the courtyard, facing a public street. So far, so good. But security put up a fence around the courtyard and checked everyone’s badges carefully. MG tried, and tried again, but was turned away.

Ever diligent, MG then tried to video the event from outside the fence. But the audio is so bad that nothing could be heard. On the upside he was kicked out by security and told he’d be arrested if he didn’t leave the property. He’s now trying to find a back way into the courtyard, and I’ve promised to bail him out if it comes to it.

The full video, which contains absolutely no useful content whatsoever, is below. Next time we’re renting a helicopter.