Anybody else just get a freaky loyalty call from T-Mobile?

My G1 just rang with an unfamiliar 1-800 number. Uh oh, I thought, one of those singles lines I spend so much time on is trying to collect. I answered and after a second, a recorded voice said “Hi! This is a free call from T-Mobile to thank you for your loyalty.” It then repeated this message in Spanish and hung up.


If they really wanted to thank me for my loyalty, they could give me $20 off my bill or something. Then when contract time came round again I’d think “oh they valued my business enough to give me that discount.” Maybe. But a cold call with a robot saying they appreciate me? Come on.

Or should I be more concerned that I’ve been on T-Mobile for at least three years and this is the first time they’ve thanked me? Either way, I don’t like it.