HTC Magic for Vodafone gets deboxed on video

Bam! It’s official, folks: the second Android phone to go to a major carrier is now hittin’ the hands of consumers.

Vodafone launched the HTC Magic a few days ahead of schedule in a few countries yesterday, and it looks like the first units are starting to arrive. Sascha of Mini-PC-Pro managed to scrounge one up, and has given it the customary strip-down.

Everything within those little walls of red is fairly standard: the normal papers (warranty info, device ID numbers), a headset, a little slip-cover case (which feels “cheap”, says Sascha), headset, powerbrick, and, of course, the Magic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they included a HTC-Port-to-3.5mm headset adaptor – so if you want to use your own earbuds, you best hit up eBay before you order the device.

[Via AndroidCommunity]