Balloon Russian Roulette: What fun!


Low bleachers covered in red velvet are set in a semi-circle
facing a small stage. The stage is lit with a single,
blindingly bright spotlight and is furnished with a table and
two velvet-covered chairs. Two CONTESTANTS, both of them
VIETNAMESE, sit opposite one another. Between them, lying on
the table, is a revolver
. Both CONTESTANTS are dressed in
tuxedos. Both wear red numbers on their downstage arm.

Although the bleachers are not yet full, eager BETTORS jam
the first three rows. Here CLERKS with change trays take the
bets, signalling each transaction to a MARKER who chalks the
shifting odds on a large board.

CAMERA CLOSES ON NICK, standing in the aisle, staring in
disbelief at the evolution of the game he once played.

Now a REFEREE enters the stage carrying two strips of scarlet

Game number seven. Gentlemen will
please wrap.

The CONTESTANTS wrap their heads with the scarlet cloth.

(as he loads revolver)
One cartridge. Game to be played to
completion. Forfeit automatic after
delay of one minute.

The REFEREE places the pistol back in the center of the table
and spins a wheel whose -intervals are alternately marked L
and R. The wheel clatters to a stop with the marker on L.

Gentleman on the left will now
commence play.

The REFEREE steps out of the light. A gong sounds. The
CONTESTANT on the left picks up the pistol, spins the
cylinder, cocks it and

places it to his temple. He hesitates, pulls the trigger…
and clicks out.