HP launches a lower price Windows Home Server, the MediaSmart LX195


HP is really taking the Windows Home Server thing seriously, eh? The company first launched WHS systems over a year and a half ago and we are already on the second generation. This time around though, HP is launching the MediaSmart LX195, which comes in at a lower price, but does sacrifice a bit to get there. That’s fine with me though.

Leaked info about this server appeared a few weeks ago and everything seems right one. What we have here is a single 640GB HDD, encased in a non-expandable case. The LX195 maintains Gigabit Ethernet and four rear panel USB ports just like its big brothers, but the CPU drops down from a 2.0GHz 64-bit Celeron to a 1.6GHz Atom. Plus, it only sports 1GB of RAM. But the unit comes in at $390 and runs Windows Home Server.

This server would be absolutely perfect for networks that just need a dead simple backup solution. These units come with stellar built-in backup software for Windows machines and also support Apple’s Time Machine. Chances are that 640GB [probably] isn’t enough space to store torrents and such, but it should be large enough to hold your parent’s photos, music and also back-up a couple of computers. Worse comes to worse, WHS does support USB external drives unless for some odd reason HP disabled that feature.

The future is looking good with HP’s MediaSmart line. There isn’t another company that has embraced the wonderful OS that is Windows Home Server as much and we’re seeing some killer products emerge. Now, lets get one with a couple of CableCard slots and Windows Media Center software.