Oh my. This Dodge Charger is modded a bit too much.


There are so many questions concerning this Dodge Charger. Top of my list is why the center caps are from a Mercury? Then there is the case of the dryer hoses shooting out of the front quarter panel and I would bet anything that this Charger is only a V6. I don’t care if the plate shows that the owner is handicap. No one should glue on that many performance modifications. One commenter says it best though,

That is a good example of what happens when people keep their mouths shut. There is a reason that growing up can be tough – we all need that older brother who tells you that you are acting weird and being a doofus. This guy was probably an only child and told to “be true to yourself” and “Be real” and “be authentic”. All good – but there is a limit when we become our own worst enemy. Apparently nobody said one thing to this guy to help him, that is more sad than the car.

ChallengerTalk.com via Jalopnik