Stairmaster + scooter = Pumgo


If you like stairs and you also happen to like scooters but you can’t decide between a flight of stairs and a scooter, maybe you’ll find yourself in the market for this Pumgo thing. It’s a pedal-powered scooter. You know, for when pushing your foot along the pavement isn’t as exhilirating as pedaling.

In what amounts to a stair-stepper with wheels, the $299 Pumgo promises “a full body cardiovascular workout.” While I take issue with the “full body” part, you will indeed likely get a good lower body workout and, yes, you may find yourself out of breath as is customary with cardiovascular exercise.

Here’s a video!

If you grow tired of pedal-pumping, the Pumgo can also be operated as a run of the mill kick-style scooter.

Pumgo Scooter – The World’s First Pedal-Powered Scooter [ via BBG]