The iTie has a pocket for your iPod

itieIf you have to wear a tie more than once a year, you might as well have a cool one. The iTie serves two functions: one, it has two little straps that attach to the buttons on your shirt so it doesn’t blow around, get dunked in your coffee, or, my personal favorite from when I used to wear a tie, get toothpaste all over it.

Second, it’s got a little pocket in it that can hold any crazy-ass thing you can fit in it — like an iPod, for example. Other items, according to the iTie website: business cards, credit cards, money, lighter/cigarettes, gum and mints, pens, and more.

They’re apparently working on a version with a pocket large enough to fit an iPhone or Blackberry. Sweet. Your tie is ringing, sir.

Pricing is around $50 and there are about a skillion different styles available. Yes, $50 is a lot for a tie but remember the part about the iPod and the no toothpaste thing.

The iTie [ via Likecool]