Flip UltraHD and UltraSD officially announced

It’s a little late to be announcing anything, since the things are already at Best Buy, but I guess Flip had better at least acknowledge that the Flip UltraHD and SD exist. We guessed that it was 720p and had 8GB of built-in storage when we saw the leaked pictures, and that’s pretty much what the news is. The price is lower than we expected, though, so that’s good news for all you on-a-budget video lovers out there.

The new UltraHD is thicker than the MinoHD, but has twice the storage and a larger screen (2″ vs 1.5″). It also can take two AA’s or a rechargeable pack, and will recharge via the flip-out USB connector. Other than that and the slightly , things are pretty much business as usual. The UltraSD will record to standard definition, obviously, and the battery will last longer — but do you really need 5 hours versus 3 when it’s so easy to recharge? Anyway, the SD goes for $150 and the HD for $200.

If you’re in the market, remember that there are competitors, in the form of every digital camera sold since last year (they all shoot 720p now) and also with similar devices like Kodak’s Zx1 (weather resistant) and Sony’s Webbie. Personally I’d go with the Zx1 because its weather sealing makes it more hardy — but the built-in USB thing in the Flips is awful handy. Best to go somewhere and try them both for yourself. Video quality on either one will be passable.