Japanese company sells portable USB turntable


Here is something cool from Japan for the many vinyl fans still out there: A portable turntable for your old records [JP]. The device, made by a Tokyo-based music and DJ equipment maker called Vestax, not only plays your records but also digitizes them.

Sized at 370x260x97mm, the so-called handy trax weighs 2kg. It’s equipped with a mono speaker (77mm/4W) so that you can listen to your vinyls without having to switch on a computer (if you don’t mind crappy sound quality). Music can be digitized through the USB port (both Windows PCs and Macs are supported). The device can be powered with batteries or an AC adapter.


Vestax is selling the Nippon-only turntable in their official online store [JP] (price: $140) and I don’t think the device will be exported anytime soon. So I suggest you ask Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine or Geek Stuff 4 U in case you need to get one.