New Laptop Hunters ad: Sheila spends two grand on another HP

HP wins again with the latest Laptop Hunters episode. Is it just me, or are they doing some really creative editing with the dialogue? It’s like NPR interview editing on steroids. As for her choice, I personally would go with a Mac at that price (not so much at $1000 or $1500), or at least go with a more interesting PC. It’s widescreen and it has a good processor and video card? Okay, that’s every laptop at that price.

As for video editing (her priority), a $2000 laptop is going to be much the same as a $1000 laptop in that case. Mobile processors aren’t particular gifted and if she really cares about the video card’s role in editing, she should be considering her sources and formats instead of just asking a blue shirt:
“Is this graphics card going to be powerful?”

The ins and outs of choosing a laptop are too complicated to be represented in a little minute-long tidbit like this, and I think that makes it stand up poorly to couch criticism. You know, when you’re sitting on the couch and you see this, and someone just says right afterwards, “Why didn’t she just add some RAM to the Mac?” or “How come she didn’t look at models with two hard drives, if she wants to do video?”

So they aren’t exactly showing why the PC is better. I mean, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but the things they have in the commercial are far from key differences. Whatever. Are they going to do $2500 next month?