PC port of Resident Evil 5 works with Nvidia GeForce 3D


Oh, man, I cannot wait to punch a boulder in 3D. (Actually, I can wait, but that’s immaterial for the purpose of this post.) In addition to the earlier Street Fighter IV announcement, Capcom also let it be known that Resident Evil 5 will be released sometime this year. In and of itself, sorta blah. But!

Yes, there’s a “but.” The game will support Nvidia’s GeForce 3D technology, which, as you might guess, renders games in a sorta 3D deal.

GeForce 3D requires a GeForce 8, 9 or 200 Series GPU; Windows Vista; and a LCD monitor with 120MHz (or any CRT monitor). Of course, you’d need to wear those glasses, too. And, as Stephen Merchant related in the “Guide to the English” podcast, life is so much harder when you already wear glasses.


Not a fan, sorry.