Rumor: Samsung Alias 2 and its whacky classroom theme launching on May 11th?


Good news and bad news, folks. Good news: If you’re anxiously awaiting the debut of the Samsung Alias 2, you may only have another couple of weeks to wait. Bad news: As far as anyone can tell, it’s still sporting that absolutely horrid elementary schoolroom theme.

Engadget got a tip that not only tells tale of a May 11th release date, but also confirms that the fancy-pants dynamically changing buttons are none other than e-ink. All that sounds reasonable, right? Get this: the tipster also claims it’s going to drop at a pricepoint of $79 bucks. Yikes. That’s the price the current Alias goes for in-store. E-ink and phone R&D doesnt come cheap, so that price sounds a little low. But if VZW can pull it off, who are we to tell them they’re crazy?

[Image via PhoneArena]