Samsung's new camcorders to shoot in glorious… 480i?

The new SMX-C10 and C14 camcorders from Samsung debuted the other day with some slightly vague specs. Are they high-def? Low-def? Just-right-def? Well, Samsung just forwarded us the deets, and I had to check whether they were talking about the newest camcorders or some they released in 2007.

Here are their shootin’ modes:

Normal mode: 720×480/60i
Web mode: 640×480/30p
Digital still photos: 800×600, but increased to 1600×1200 by interpolation.

Oh my god! This is a camcorder, right? Not a phone cam? I know this is the “standard definition” lineup, but really now. For their price range, I’d expect 720p, especially since the market is saturated with Flipsand Webbies and Zx1s that all shoot passable HD for under $200. Sure, the Samsung form factor is nice, but shooting at DVD resolution interlaced? 800×600 stills doubled up by interpolation? That’s so busted.