Sennheiser Summer Job try-outs: Worth a shot

Hey, college kids and other people who want to spend time with “six boys and six girls,” Sennheiser has a job for you. They’re currently running try-outs for two pairs of street teams who will travel the U.S. and Canada this summer to talk about Sennheiser products. If you’re extroverted, poor, and willing to put headphones on strangers then this is perfect. Here’s the description.

N.B. You probably won’t be working with Fritz here.

Do you want to see North America, have the time of your life, and get paid to do it? Then we have a dream opportunity for you. We are looking for charismatic, fun and energetic adults to tour North America for the summer.

Two teams, six boys and six girls, will travel across Canada and The United States stopping at key urban locations, music festivals and events. Their mission – to put headphones on as many people as possible connecting them to the true sound of Sennheiser. While on the road, the sound team will build webisodes that will air weekly on line. Each team will be tasked by viewers to put headphones on interesting people while they are in town and challenge the other team to better their performance. The antics will be fun, creative and memorable!

The Sennheiser Sound Tour will be executed this summer for 10 weeks starting end of June and will visit approximately 30 cities in Canada and the US. The lucky recipients of this dream job must be organized and professional. You must also have a memorable personality as you will surely become on line celebrities. We are looking for our candidates who have a passion for Music, Gaming, Sports or straight-up Audiophile – you love your sound!

To apply, follow these three easy steps:

FIRST: record a video of yourself explaining why you are an ideal candidate for this position. You can do or say what ever you want. Be creative – this is your chance to stand out.

TWO: Post the video on either the Sennheiser Sound Tour’s Youtube Channel or on our Facebook page -Sennheiser Sound Tour.

THREE: Send your resume to Sennheiser@thejetstargroupcom. In the body of the email you must show the name of your video and where it can be found.

Final candidates will be selected on Friday, May 8, 2009. We will call you directly. If you are selected as a finalist, a representative from The Jetstar Group will contact you for an interview either on the phone or on Skype. Rules and regulations will apply.