June: BlackBerry 8900 on AT&T


Good news, CrackBerry fans. (See what I did there?) It looks like the 8900, which is currently running wild on T-Mobile, will make its way to AT&T this June. That’s the “word on the street,” at least, which this wonderful photo illustrates.

Anything different about AT&T’s 8900? Nope, doesn’t look that way. It’s more or less a carbon copy of T-Mobile’s 8900, which isn’t so bad at all.

Now you have to decide: do you go with the slightly bigger Bold, or this newer, slightly thinner (and lighter) 8900? Decisions, decisions!

Bad news: nothing to tell you about the price or exact release date. But considering RIM is going to host some sort of show in a couple days, this should sort itself out in a couple of days.