YouTube helps man deliver baby


Well, it finally happened: someone used YouTube to help deliver a baby. Yup, a man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Cornwall, to be exact) used the video-sharing site to help deliver his wife’s fourth child, a boy named Gabriel. (A nice, biblical name!) Yes, this is a crazy world we live in.

So the guy, one Marc Stephens, a 28-year-old Royal Navy engineer (not pictured: this is John and Kate Plus 8), began his YouTube hunt at around 10:30 pm, when his wife first started noticing that, um, something’s going on here. A few minutes go by, “how to deliver a baby” later, and bam! Newfound info.

Several hours later, young Gabriel starts his escape. Stephens, armed with his YouTube knowledge, delivers the baby, then goes off to hospital to make sure all is A-Ok.

And here I use YouTube to find hidden items in video games!

Also, this story totally reminds me of a video we saw in 10th grade biology. I think it was called “The Miracle of Life,” and the baby just sorta… just sorta shoots out of there.

Skeptical hat: why not rush over to hospital as soon as your wife starts saying, “Honey, I think he’s making a break for it.”? (I should write dreadful sitcoms.)