1% of web users using Linux

1% Linux
Linux users, rejoice! We’ve been a minority for a long time, but we’re slowing gaining more and more traction in the world. Word is that in the last twelve months, Linux use online has increased two thirds, up from 0.69% to 1.02% Sure, it’s still a trivially small number, but the continued growth of our favorite free software operating system has some pretty interesting ramifications.

The numbers collected by Net Applications focus exclusively on web clients in the month of April. We all know that Linux powers all the servers that run the Internet, so this discussion is limited to client systems accessing content on the Internet, rather than server machines delivering content.

One possible explanation for the increase in Linux clients is the continued growth of the netbook segment. Many people who buy a Linux-powered netbook will find it good enough to stick with for the limited operations they need to perform online. And it’s easier than ever to actually use Linux systems — it’s no longer necessary to pour over man pages for the pppd configuration file just to make a connection!

Mac systems represent just under 10%, and the Apple OS is trying hard to break the double-digit barrier. Windows, unsurprisingly, continues to dominate with almost 88% of the Internet client market.