Amazing guitar hack has perpendicular strings, robo-fingers

This is one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had in quite a while. Not only is the gadgetry excellent, but the music is very much to my liking as well. Paolo Angeli, an Italian musician (and clearly roboticist as well), has modified his guitar to have extra strings, a little strummer-bot, and a set of pedal-controlled string hammers. This is the kind of one-man-band I actually like.

Often when I listen to “bands” which are in fact single people, I wonder how it is they can make so much noise all by themselves. I saw Eluvium and Lichens live and learned a lot about multi-instrumentalism, loopstations, and just planning ahead for live shows. And I’ve seen some interesting instrument mods, though not all of them are as practical as this one.

[via Make]