Penguin United to launch CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Wii at E3 [Update]

Image via Flickr

I refuse to play any game for the Wii that requires a gun unless it’s Duck Hunt. With that being said, Penguin United will launch the CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Wii at E3 this June. What makes this pistol accessory different from all the others is that it has a built-in Wii Remote.


* Self-contained remote gun – does not require inserting Wii remote into gun “shell”
* Designed to create a true gun experience
* A-Button repositioned for thumb access while holding pistol
* B-Button repositioned for trigger finger access
* D-Pad repositioned for immediate thumb access
* Works as regular remote for non-shooter games
* Enhanced Vibration function
* Built-in Speaker enhances audio experience

Penguin United