Recycle that old dumpster into a swimming pool


Got a spare dumpster lying around? The economy’s down, so maybe the average family of four isn’t throwing as much trash away, filling only three American dumpsters per week instead of four. Whatever the case, you can turn that spare dumpster into a lot of gross/awesome stuff.

The UK’s Oliver Bishop Young has converted dumpsters into ping-pong tables, grass-covered stages, gardens, skateboard half-pipes, sitting rooms, toilets, and, of course, swimming pools.

While you can rent a dumpster from a myriad of local outfits, you may want to purchase one outright if you’re going to turn it into a pool. I found a 14-foot one near Boston for $1900 on Craigslist. For $1900, you could get a pretty sweet above-ground pool, though. You could get a big enough pool to invite the neighbor kids over and make whirlpools all day in the freezing cold water.

Skip conversions [Oliver Bishop Young via Make]