Terrifying LED rainbow table makes your leprechaun dreams come true

This kaleidoscopic fever dream of a coffee table is equipped with a 9×9 matrix of LEDs, which can apparently be set to “acid flashback” mode if necessary. It’s kind of like a demonically-possessed Lite Brite. When it’s not blasting color at your living room, though, I can think of a couple interesting uses for it.

9×9 isn’t enough space to even fit most NES sprites into, but you could probably animate a passable goomba. Or you could watch Futurama on it (with room to spare!). Or, and I think this is the best option, get a game like Dodge Club running on there. It’s got an Arduino powering the display, but I’m sure you could find a way to pass a video signal from Windows into it.

[via HardOCP]