Apple netbook spied and photographed? (No.)

It goes by many names: Air Light, MacBook Mini, Baby Apple, Chupacabra. But someone claims to have photographed one of these elusive creatures and, predictably, sent the evidence to Cult of Mac. It comes from a “trusted contributor” and they say they have more but they need time to “process” them. Sounds vaguely sinister.

As for the veracity of the photo, we can’t really say. It’s the right size for a netbook-type device, but Apple has repeatedly said they’re not interested in that size and spec. Doesn’t give a good OS X experience. Well, maybe they found a way to squeeze more into less, and changed their minds about making that sucker. The question is, who at Apple, involved in the development of the device, would set it next to a ruler and take a well-composed photo? It’s totally not the standard Apple leak. But we’ll see. it’s wood.

Commenter George reminds me: yes, that logo is weird, but we don’t know that it isn’t a placeholder they have internally before they put in a lit one.

Update: HA! It’s a wooden model. I thought it looked awful MacBook-y. There’s more from the guy who made it, Kyle Buckner, at Giz’s gallery. Hey, you can’t blame me for trying to breathe some life into it, can you? “Trusted contributor” indeed.

[via MacRumors]