Electronic House's 'Home of the Year'


Sure, 2009 isn’t even halfway over yet but that didn’t stop Electronic House from crowning a winner in its “Home of the Year Awards.” It’s a quaint little 7,000 sqare foot spread located in the Hollywood Hills with none other than a dedicated game room complete with one of those triple-screen racing simulators like we saw at CES this year.

Though billed as “the ultimate bachelor pad” the house actually belongs to a young couple. Hey, I’m part of a young couple! Maybe I should get my own gaming room with a triple-screen racing machine. It’s the least I could do for the sake of my newly-developing marriage.

Aside from the gaming room (I want to stay in the gaming room!) there appear to be flat-screen TVs in just about every other nook and cranny, plus the piece de resistance: a 125-inch superwide movie screen that the couple uses to watch film after film after film.


I’d personally use it for blogging during the daytime, just for the hell of it. “Come on in, I’m just looking at 500 different web pages at the same time — be right with you. Oooh, there’s a Star Wars sleeping bag!”

The full list of gear goes on and on, with each component carrying a higher price tag than my yearly salary. I could maybe afford a couple of the wall mounts and maybe a smaller LCD TV or two — like if they have one in the bathroom or out in the garage or something, but that’s about it.

Hollywood Home of the Year Leaves Us Starry-Eyed [Electronic House]