NEC develops new 3D display that works without glasses


3D displays that work without glasses have been a hot topic in the tech industry for quite a while now. Reportedly, NEC LCD Technologies has made a leap forward by developing a 12.1-inch 3D display that will go on sale in Japan as early as next spring.

NEC plans to offer displays as small as 3.1 inches (and smaller) as well, anticipating a rise in popularity of portable 3D TVs in the next years. With the bigger model, NEC is targeting game arcade operators, industrial design companies and medical application providers, for example to simulate surgeries. The displays will be built in an NEC plant in Akita, Japan.

NEC claims that unlike other 3D displays, their product’s performance regarding the resolution of the screen is on par with existing 2D screens (without giving any details). The picture shows a 3D display NEC showcased in 2007 (there are no pictures of the new 3D display yet).

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]