Picturesque time-lapse travel on a huge freight ship

This has to be one of the funnest things you can do with a good camera: set it on a timer, take a picture every X seconds (or minutes) and be delighted every single time by what comes out after a little while. With Gawker and other programs you can do it with your iSight or webcam (pancakes), but the fidelity is, shall we say, not high. Having a camera that does it internally is best, because then all you need is a tripod and a 600-foot freight ship to make a wonderful little clip.

It’s divided into two parts because Flickr has a 90-second limit on videos:

The creator of the videos says:

The two halves were assembled in Quicktime from 2000 still images taken by using a Nikon D700 in the “interval timer” mode. The camera was fastened to an outside rail and set to take a photo every six seconds. Quicktime then assembled the photos into a .mov file that plays back at 12 frames per second. So, one minute of movie time represents 72 minutes of trip time on the channel.

So cool. Another benefit of doing this with an SLR is that you can get these night shots looking really nice, especially if you’re not too worried about sharpness.

I love that the tools to manipulate the perception of time are in our hands for incredibly cheap. You can make a second last a minute with the Casio Exilim EX-FC100, or you can get a D700 like OneEighteen and make a minute last a second.

[via Reddit, where Redditor happywaffle mapped out the route taken by the ship]