Rumor: HTC Dash 3G (Snap) & HTC Touch Pro 2 dated, Visual Voicemail confirmed?


Jeez, now that’s a leak: 1 little sheet of paper, 6 device launch dates, and 1 confirmation of a previously unannounced service.

TmoNews managed to scrounge up the gem up above, and it’s jam packed full of goodies.

On the major hardware front, we have the T-Mobile Dash 3G (otherwise known as the HTC Snap, though it purportedly lacks the Inner Circle favorites feature) and HTC Touch Pro 2 (listed here as Rhodium) release dates set at July 1st and July 22. The original T-Mobile Dash 3G FCC reports had a confidentiality lock on it until May, leading some to believe that would also be the release window. More often than not, confidentiality dates pass without a release, which looks to be what’s going to happen here.

Also dated are the Sony Ericsson 8-megapixel CS8 (6/24/09) and 5-megapixel CS5 (7/8/09), and two Samsung handsets (one of which, the T469, has been available on T-Mobile for months now as the Gravity. We’re not sure what’s up here – new color scheme, perhaps?).

Perhaps more striking than any of the hardware mentions, however, is one of upcoming software goodness: Visual Voicemail. No indication is given as to how it’ll be provided, nor does it say what handsets it’ll be available for – but if this sheet is to be believed, it’s on the way. Training begins in June, with a rollout on July 16th. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details.